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1. After installing flooring, do not step or work on the flooring and leave at least 48 hours to let cement mortar or binder become solid.
2/ If there is further work to be done after installing the quartz slabs, make sure to put plastic film or carpet on the slabs for protection.
3/ At the entry of places where Gwanti Quartz stone is used, place blanket or dust mat to avoid any abrasion by sand or other hard sundries. Clean at first time after stained by ink, coffee, tea, oil and color spills.
4、Do not use acid or alkali based detergents, those will make Gwanti Quartz stone to lose their luminosity.
Neutral detergents is advised to use for cleaning.
5、 Don’t cover Gwanti Quartz tiles for long time, as it will result in moisture retain within the stone. If necessary, select covering material with good breathable qualities and keep room well ventilated to avoid bacteria growing.
6、Use cleaners exclusively for quartz stones. General floor wax may contain oil,which will contaminate stone surface and let dust leave on the surface. 
7/ Make sure the wheels of all shopping carts are rubber-made. Iron and hard PVC wheels will damage stone surface.
8/ Keep regular maintenance for Gwanti Quartz stone products. 


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